General enquiries

For any general enquiries for the Jupital please contact

Youth Generation Journalist enquires

Keen to write for the Jupital? To write for the Jupital please see our section “Write for the Jupital” for further information,

Advertising enquiries

We offer a section on the website which you may register your advertising interest. This section lies at the top of the website’s main page stating “Advertise with the Jupital” in orange. Simply click on the box and it leads to an application process to submit advertising.

For any further interest in advertising online with the Jupital please contact via:

Response to unsolicited queries

We do appreciate any and all interest in the Jupital, including queries, events information, etc. As a small-staffed newspaper, we are unable to answer all unsolicited correspondence. However, rest assured if we are interested in pursuing a proposal, we most definitely are going to be in touch! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

We invite you at any time to contact us by post:

the Jupital

Suite 394
22 Notting Hill Gate
W11 3JE

We aim to do our best to address your queries by email, post or phone.

Many thanks for your interest in the Jupital.


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