The Photon House is a proposed innovation hub and logical conclusion to the new agenda in the Built Environment created by the scientific outcomes of the Photon Research.

A window into a future market

UK start-up company the Photon Project has announced its plan to launch the Photon Space, the world’s first intelligent all-glass living unit. Motivated by the major productive benefits that natural light has on peoples energy levels, sleep pattern and overall health, the goal of the Photon Space is to create a dwelling that allows its occupants a maximum connection    ... more

Swiss citizens waving their national flag Credit@wikimedia

Swiss referendum may alter EU perspective

The results of a referendum in Switzerland that proposed to maintain immigration to 0.2% of the population has seen    ... more

Bournemouth topped the Championship with a 5-3 win over Cardiff. credit@afcbournemouth via Twitter

Cherries are the pick of the bunch

As last season's Championship wound to a close two things were certain: Leicester and Burnley were guaranteed promotion to    ... more

The Toyota Mirai, meaning ‘future’ in Japanese, is launching in Japan on 15th December and is set to be the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell car. Image credit -

Fuel prospective and development

Hydrogen-powered cars are set to become an increasingly common sight on UK roads by 2020, as new models are    ... more

The Scheme -  these boys are serious ones to watch!

The Scheme

When it comes to having it all, The Scheme come abundantly equipped – the talent, the looks and most    ... more

A variety of different ice sculptures at Hyde Park.Credit@Winterwonderland

A frosted interest

Hyde Park, London has become consecutively popular for the last seven years during the festive period.  It holds an    ... more

Food festivals always draw a crowd. Credit@greatwinenews

Tasting the difference in culture

Impressive skylines, crowded streets and unimaginable variety; these are just three things that may be found in New York    ... more

Family of African Bush Elephants taking a mud bath in Tsavo East Kenya. Credit@

Authentic relaxation in safari nation

Sub-Saharan Africa has become the world’s fastest growing region for wellness tourism in 2014, a new report by SRI’s    ... more

Anyone can write poetry! Credit@upnorthgeorgia

Poppy’s poems

By Poppy Chesterman aged 10 years old Poppy’s Poems I love writing poems, especially when something has happened in    ... more

Kaleidoscopic radiance. Credit@2937973234_d30264392c_z

Kaleidoscopic splendour in the Pacific ring of fire

Known to the locals as the “Ligligan Parul,” the Giant Lantern Festival, held every December to January, is a    ... more

Physics simulation of a small interval (5 megabases) of DNA that forms loops and domains inside the nucleus, based on in situ Hi-C data. Credit@AdrianSanborn/ErezLiebermanAiden

Throwing genetics through a loop

Researchers at Harvard University recently constructed the first ever high-resolution, 3-D map of the folded genome. Informally referred to    ... more

Mauricio Pochettino. Credit@Pochettino viaTwitter.

Manager recognises resilient team spirit

Much of the limelight has recently been focused on Mauricio Pochettino’s recent efforts in galvanising Spurs towards domestic and    ... more