The leaders from across North, Central and South America who took part in the Summit of the Americas in Panama. Credit@Presidencia de la Republic del Ecuador.

An improving relationship

US President Barack Obama has met with Cuban President Raul Castro in what is seen as a key step in the reconciliation between the two nations. Relations between the United States and Cuba are improving as the countries begin to move beyond their differences. Regarding the relationship, Mr Obama said "over time, it is possible    ... more

May 7th is to be one of the closest General Elections in recent history. Credit@Dawn

The race for election

The people of the United Kingdom are to vote for a new government on May 7th in what may    ... more


Irish form promising for cricket

In 2012 Cricket Ireland’s Chief Executive Warren Deutrom set forth the ambition for the national cricket team, who may    ... more

Energy sources.

Electricity landscape transition

The World Economic Forum has presented the Future of Electricity report, a set of recommendations for policy-makers, regulators and    ... more

Immigrants singing their way to the hearts of the UK people.

Love song to the United Kingdom

Long standing immigrant residents in the UK are keen to offer a motivation to think differently about the current    ... more

Tony Oursler’s current exhibition at London’s Lisson Gallery.Credit@ LissonGallery

Machines perspective

Artist Tony Oursler’s current exhibition at London’s Lisson Gallery is his first showing of new work in the United Kingdom    ... more

Allegra forecasts the total UK coffee shop market will exceed 20,500 outlets and turnover of £8.7 billion by 2018. Image credit - @Paul

Essential economic role

The total UK coffee shop market is estimated at 16,501 outlets and continues to show strong sales growth of    ... more

New research using fruit flies with Alzheimer's protein finds that the medical condition detaches it. Credit@Universityofcambridge

Revealing evidence in research promotes future treatments

The progress on researching dementia and understanding ways people may reduce their chances of developing dementia has increased in    ... more

There needs to be more girl playing football!

Girls putting more of a kick into football!

By Yasmin Giannini, aged 9 years old Wednesday 25th March saw the prestigious London Youth Games held at the    ... more

Aruba is vastly become a great destination to visit.  credit@24736216@N07viaflickr(2)

Nature’s first green is gold

One of Aruba's goals is to become the first country in the world to operate fossil-free by 2020. Aruba    ... more

Cameras sense light to create images, and solar cells turn light into energy. Why not combine the two and create a self-powered camera? Credit@PaulReynolds

A snapshot of the future

Researchers at Columbia Engineering have invented the world’s first prototype video camera that is fully self-powered. It is capable    ... more

The Patriots celebrate their Super Bowl victory. credit@New England Patriots via Facebook

NFL profile boosted by Super Bowl

There may be a few moments in worldwide sport that truly and unreservedly grab the attention; Sunday's Super Bowl    ... more