A heavenly getaway

With accumulating evidence, the practice of meditation may be proven as a treatment for many health ailments. It is still to be completely understood why meditation has such appreciable effects on the physical health and what mechanisms it uses. Observations of real improvements are seen in a variety of conditions. For instance, physical alterations are    ... more

Lamar Odom.Credit@FlickrUserBridgetSamuals

Rehabilitating life’s challenges

Lamar Odom, an internationally known individual for his achievements as a basketball player and from the reality television show    ... more

Michy Batshuayi signing for Chelsea. Credit

Enticing the best

The transfer window is open and, as the two month period may be the only time teams may buy players    ... more

Young  entrepreneur Shanelle Guillemette is cycling around FroGurt Xpress. Credit@

Frogurt success

Young entrepreneur Shanelle Guillemette is cycling around aiming to cool down the world – in a unique way. Born    ... more

Finding Dory credit@WaltDisneyPictures

The importance of family

Pixar Animation Studios first entered society’s collective consciousness back in 1995, with a film about friendship and toys coming    ... more


New music, seasoned city

Dating as far back as the 13th century, Stockholm may be considered as a seasoned, historic city, heralded as    ... more

Allegra forecasts the total UK coffee shop market will exceed 20,500 outlets and turnover of £8.7 billion by 2018. Image credit - @Paul

Essential economic role

The total UK coffee shop market is estimated at 16,501 outlets and continues to show strong sales growth of    ... more


Die Deutschen wanderer

This year from July 13th to the 16th, the OutDoor trade fair took place for its twenty-second year in    ... more

My sister, mother and I loved the play! You must go see it!

Gangsta Granny

By Luca Giannini aged 8 years Birmingham Stage Company brought their world premiere of David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny to    ... more

Credit@©Marc Verhille:Mairie de Paris

Sunbathing on the Seine

For the last fourteen years, the Paris Plages festival has taken place along the banks of the Seine, and for    ... more

The HIV pathogen infecting

A thing of the past

A new study has found new inhibitor drugs prevent immature HIV cells from developing into mature HIV cells. This    ... more

England manager Sam Allardyce. Credit

Coaching a new direction

Sam Allardyce was recently appointed England manager, predominantly due to his track record of changing the fortunes of football    ... more