The Photon House is a proposed innovation hub and logical conclusion to the new agenda in the Built Environment created by the scientific outcomes of the Photon Research.

A window into a future market

UK start-up company the Photon Project has announced its plan to launch the Photon Space, the world’s first intelligent all-glass living unit. Motivated by the major productive benefits that natural light has on peoples energy levels, sleep pattern and overall health, the goal of the Photon Space is to create a dwelling that allows its occupants a maximum connection    ... more

George Osborne visits Thessaly Community Project.
Credit@Conservatives via Flickr

A race to the NHS funding line

George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has announced an extra £2bn in NHS funding for frontline services in    ... more

Representatives of Pacquiao (pictured) are said to be finalising his upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather. credit@MannyPacquiao via Twitter

Long-awaited green light for champion bout

They have flirted around the edges of one another for years, only for the purse, scheduling and fitness to    ... more

The BDO, a leading accountancy and business advisory firm, spoke at the MSB Monday summit focussing on the main funding options open to MSBs and discussed the various opportunities and challenges arising from different routes. Experts at the CBI believe there are more real opportunities and ones that are available to be used. Image credit - @The CBI via

Generating future economic prosperity

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), in partnership with Lloyds Bank, hosted its first summit for mid-sized businesses (MSBs)    ... more

Romance novels have risen in popularity since the early 1700s.

An affair of the heart

From Austen to Heyer, romance novels have been present from the early 1700s and onwards, pressing down deep into    ... more

Turner + Sotheby's Technician Credit@Sotheby's

Turner’s secret perception

On Wednesday 3rd December 2014, Turner’s articulate oil painting of Rome from Mount Aventine was vended at Sotheby’s auction    ... more

Sea salt is a beneficial aspect to the diet in more ways than one. Credit@healthcareaboveall

A savoury new ideal

Sea salt, produced by the evaporation of sea water bespeaks of a more natural state. While far from aiding the    ... more

The aims are to fulfill two functions: to increase transparency about progress within public health and to
help drive forward improvements across England. Image credit - @department of health uk via

Transparency and emotional development

A report by the chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, has suggested that mental health needs to be made    ... more

Here is the my sticker  design and the iPad I won!

School sticker competition

By Poppy Chesterman aged 10 years old I was pleased when I had the chance to enter my school’s    ... more

Fireworks in front of the Ice Palace.

Welcoming shades of winter

Celebrating its 118th anniversary the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival remains to be one of the longest-running events in the    ... more

Space. Credit@Sweetie187

Water under the bridge

Question now surrounds whether comets delivered Earth’s enormous supply of water, according to Rosetta’s latest results. The results published    ... more

Mauricio Pochettino. Credit@Pochettino viaTwitter.

Manager recognises resilient team spirit

Much of the limelight has recently been focused on Mauricio Pochettino’s recent efforts in galvanising Spurs towards domestic and    ... more