Labour party leader Ed Miliband is still pushing for a head-to-head televised debate with Prime Minister David Cameron. Credit@Wikipedia

Focusing on the debates

Broadcasters have confirmed that there is an agreement over TV election debates for the United Kingdom’s general election. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, aimed to be involved in a debate involving seven party leaders although a head-to-head with Ed Miliband is unlikely. The agreement for debates comes after much discussion as to whether the Prime    ... more

Lakhdar Brahimi (left), the Joint Special Representative of the United Nations and League of Arab States, meeting with the US Secretary of State John Kerry (right). Credit@UN Geneva.

Reigniting peace talks

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has brought the ongoing situation in Syria back onto his agenda by    ... more

The Patriots celebrate their Super Bowl victory. credit@New England Patriots via Facebook

NFL profile boosted by Super Bowl

There may be a few moments in worldwide sport that truly and unreservedly grab the attention; Sunday's Super Bowl    ... more

Making a difference.Stephen Fry

Conserving creative identity

Stephen Fry is among those who have signed an open letter to the British Government imploring them to save    ... more

Music legend, David Aldo, who was voted ‘Male Vocalist’ in South Africa

Strength through music

February 11th, 2015 marks the anniversary of the momentous release of who may be the world’s greatest activist and    ... more

TOAST Magazine is an annual magazine celebrating food and ideas. Published independently by the founders of TOAST, it focuses on food culture and the stories that surround it. credit@sambev375 via

Celebrating food exploration

London-based writer and editor Miranda York has just launched TOAST, a new culinary magazine. TOAST Magazine is an annual    ... more

Food festivals always draw a crowd. Credit@greatwinenews

Tasting the difference in culture

Impressive skylines, crowded streets and unimaginable variety; these are just three things that may be found in New York    ... more

The Photon House is a proposed innovation hub and logical conclusion to the new agenda in the Built Environment created by the scientific outcomes of the Photon Research.

A window into a future market

UK start-up company the Photon Project has announced its plan to launch the Photon Space, the world’s first intelligent all-glass    ... more

Santa Claus loves The Positive! Credit@Wikipedia

Santa’s delivery service

Christmas poem by Yasmin Giannini aged 9 years old   Up, up and away they go, On, on through    ... more

The Royal family celebrates the festivities. Credit@wikimedia

Royal shades of orange

King's Day, formerly known as Queen's Day festival invites locals and visitors alike to soak up Amsterdam's open-air celebrations.    ... more

Computer generated image of neurons. Credit@juliedn

Out of sight, out of mind

Researchers in the US have discovered that a particular RNA molecule may be directed to increase the production of    ... more


Irish form promising for cricket

In 2012 Cricket Ireland’s Chief Executive Warren Deutrom set forth the ambition for the national cricket team, who may    ... more